Sam Kapasa is an artist and architect based in London.

He brings urban art into the process of making urban spaces. His work is inspired by the collage of ideas , materials and culture . The theme of juxtaposition is common to his work. He use collage as a medium to present provoking concepts which have the potential to materialise into larger temporary and built works. These collages form ‘constructs’ or spatial narratives which challenge social, political cultural norms. He believes that urban surroundings should express the attitudes and identity of its inhabitants , therefore he is passionate about arts-participation and community projects.

This approach not only creates new and exciting opportunities, it also brings hidden tales and narratives to the forefront of design. By drawing on a diverse variety of influences, these artworks bear reference to the ongoing impact of hip-hop, poetry and street performance on his work. He recognises the power art has to convey themes of culture, class, faith and diversity through creative activism. Sam has been featured in Building Magazine (2018), Blueprint Magazine – UK (2015) , Burrasca Journal, Italy (2016) and Parksify Urbanism, California (2017). His work was displayed at the ‘Future of Art’ exhibition at Tate Modern, London (2017). Sam is a member of The Royal Institute of British Architects and The Artist Information Company.