Domestic Canvas

Spaces designed as a canvas for daily life

We treat our homes like ever changing works of art…every wall a canvas. This concept was taken as inspiration for a single storey rear extension to an existing building in Pontefract. This theoretical exercise observed each internal and external canvas was painted with characteristics and aspects of daily life. The concept sketchbook uses a combination of illustrations, precedents and sketches to capture the design intent of the space. The different elements of the build draw inspiration from the day to day activities in our homes. The side elevation of the extension faces the south east, so it’s ideal for drying stacked and storing timber for their wood burner. Internally, the walls use timber plywood joinery to create a flexible arrangement for book and record display. It is an experiment in living, developing ideas which may one day be utilised within a live architectural project.

640 x 640


Clients: Theory Project
Location: UK
Status: Concept

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