Outernet Exhibition

A short film created by SPATIALESK, exploring the growing effect of digital experience in our daily lives. Featured at TATE Modern, London.

OUTERNET was an exploratory short film created as part of a collaboration with the ‘Future of Art’ exhibition at TATE Modern, London. It sought to visualise a reality where our use of the Internet becomes tectonic and physical in its appearance. It formed a critical narrative on the role of digital information and its impact on the perception of our daily lives.

The short film sought to challenge the impact of the blue screen on our introspective identity and realities.The short film was composited with real footage to create a believable visual presentation. Areas of the city were identified and filmed due to their popularity and activity. This activity was contrasted with tectonic digital objects to visualise the invisible activity of phones and tablet use. This process led to a topical and polemic presentation in the TATE, Turbine Hall, London.


Collaborators:Tate Collectives Group
LocationTate Modern, London

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