Chilenje House

Expressing culinary tradition as inspiration for a new African architecture.

The area contains vast informal networks of markets, homes and services within this dynamic area of sprawl. This project takes a typical house type within the area and investigates how local culture and cuisine can lead to an artistic approach to living space within an ever changing continent. African architecture has been gaining an increase in publication and research, particularly regarding contemporary design. Urbanism in the continent is an area of growing importance as economic and population growth puts cities like Lusaka on the map. The project observes the typical plan of many houses developed within the region and obscures it through a contemporary extension. The design is fuelled by local custom and cuisine. The act of preparing the staple dish ‘nshima’  or ‘pap’ often takes place externally. This aspect of local life is framed by the architecture. The use of various levels gives a new spatial celebration of these daily activities. The design seeks to act as a catylist for architectural development in the region to remain rooted in local custom, creating a juxtaposition to the western carbon copy so often adopted today.



Collaborators: Township Community
Location: South Africa
Status: Concept

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